Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

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mothers day gift basket ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up fast- May 9th- in just a few weeks! Which is why today I am sharing my favorite Mother’s Day gift basket ideas!

Mom deserves something special, and I am a huge fan of the gift basket idea. Especially if it’s curated to include her favorite things. And there are so many gift basket options out there!

You can create one yourself, or buy one already put together, and there are gift baskets for practically every hobby and enthusiast there is. My favorite mother’s day gift basket ideas are ones you can customize yourself, which is why I decided to make one for my own mom this year!

mothers day gift basket ideas

I thought it might be helpful to share what I did for my mother’s day gift basket, so today I am sharing how I put it all together.

I decided to do a gardening theme mother’s day gift basket for my mom, since she loves gardening. But there are tons of other gift basket themes to choose from too! I’ll share some other ideas after showing you the basket I did.

Let’s get started!

Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas: Gardening Gift Basket

mothers day gift basket ideas

Here is the gardening mother’s day gift basket that I put together. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

The first step in creating a gift basket, is to get some sort of vessel- either a basket or some container that goes with the theme of your gift basket. For example, with my gardening mother’s day gift basket, I chose this basket, because I feel like it can be used over again and it’s really cute! It can be used to carry things to the garden or to place flowers or picked veggies in, or as a picnic basket outside.

I could have also picked a container that wasn’t a basket, but that went with my gardening theme. For example, I could have used a tote bag with a flower design or a gardening tote to carry tools in. Another option is to simply use a pretty cardboard box!

Once I had the vessel, I needed to fill it!

mothers day gift basket ideas

This is the really fun part, because you can track down items that you know your mom will love or find useful for her hobby!

Since this was a gardening theme, I of course chose gardening items. In order to prop them up nice in my basket, I added a small cardboard box in the bottom of the basket, and covered it in some crumbled butcher paper and tissue paper on top of that.

Then I just sort of propped the items against each other. I used the tissue paper to help hold things up. When building a gift basket, you want the taller items in the back and the smallest in the front.

mothers day gift basket ideas

Having the taller items in the back means you are able to see everything in the basket more easily without anything blocking them. And it looks nice visually!

Once you have the items arranged in a way you like, you can cover the basket with a clear plastic wrap if you want. I opted not to for mine, as I’ll just be really careful handing it over!

The Items

Here is a closer look at the items I decided to use in my basket:

mothers day gift basket ideas

This garden kneeler to help protect those knees during long days in the garden. This went into the back of the basket since it was the tallest item.

mothers day gift basket ideas

A new set of garden tools (this trowel and this cultivator). I put these in the back as well since they were heavy and cumbersome.

mothers day gift basket ideas

Gotta include a new set of gardening gloves! I loved the print on these ones. These went in the back and I fanned them out a bit.

mothers day gift basket ideas

I also added in these pruning sheers, which went near the back. This little thing of twine went in front of it to help prop up the seeds.

mothers day gift basket ideas

And speaking of seeds, that was the star of my gardening gift basket! I knew my mom needed some seeds for her garden this year so I got a bunch from the local garden center. You can find seeds online, but I find they are usually cheaper if you look at your local nursery or garden center.

To make them stand out, I used little pieces of tape on the back of the seed packets to fan them out and keep them in place like this. Then I propped them up in front of the taller items.

mothers day gift basket ideas

Next to the seeds, I added a medium sized item- this coffee mug. Not exactly a gardening item, but I know my mom likes to have a coffee before heading out into the garden for the day! Plus, I loved the rise & shine saying on it!

mothers day gift basket ideas

And finally, I used these small items to fill in the space in front. Hand salve, which can be used on any little pricks or cuts or rough spots after a long day of gardening. And an spf lotion, a must for working outside!

That was everything I included in my basket! If you make one of your own, you can choose items you know your mom will need for tending her garden. There are lots of other options that I did not use, such as other tools, watering cans, a gardening magazine or book, or maybe a hat to shade her face.

Other Mother’s Day gift Basket Ideas

There are so many mother’s day gift basket ideas you can use! To start the brainstorming, here are some other ideas I thought of:

  • Foodie Basket: Include all your mom’s favorite foods or do a specific collection of items…Maybe a pasta night basket, charcuterie basket, or a baking basket.
  • Coffee Basket: A couple cute mugs, maybe a travel to go cup. Some bags of coffee beans to try. Maybe a bean grinder or a French press!
  • Book Lover Basket: include a fun book you think your mom will like. Add other items that have to do with that book or just bookish items in general. Some examples are a book tote bag, a book journal to keep track of her books and notes, a nice tea or blanket for reading with, bookmark, or a Kindle.
  • Wine or Cocktail Basket: add your mom’s favorite wine or ingredients for a fun cocktail to try. Maybe a few snacks to go along, cheese, or a couple mixologist tools.
  • Local Basket: hit up your mom’s favorite local shops to find unique items made in the area.
  • Movie Night Basket: treat your mom to a movie night and include a movie to watch together, some popcorn, and some fun movie snacks!
  • Spa Basket: lotions, face masks, nail polish, foot treatments, candle, babble bath or bath bombs, and a relaxing heating pad are great ideas!
  • Herb Garden Basket: add some small pots of herbs and containers to grow on the windowsill. Some labels, a small watering can, and maybe something to go with the herbs once they grow, like an olive oil.
  • Breakfast Basket: a couple pancake, scone, or muffin mixes, a mini waffle maker or a scone pan, some maple syrup, and jams.
  • Cozy Basket: everything to keep her cozy- fuzzy socks, a throw blanket, robe, slippers, tea.
  • Knitting or Crochet Basket: needles, yarn, a fun pattern.
  • Picnic Basket: snacks or picnic food, mini beverages, some outdoor plate ware and utensils, a picnic blanket.

It’s so much fun to build a gift basket, I love it. I hope this list of mother’s day gift basket ideas has prompted your imagination for building one of your own! Whatever you go with, I am sure that your mother will love it!

Let me know in the comments below what basket you would like to build!


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mothers day gift basket ideas

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