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How to Create a Fun Mother’s Day Brunch Board

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mother's day brunch board

Once again, this month is flying by! May is almost here, and you know what that means- Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is early this year, and I am here for it with this mother’s day brunch board idea.

I don’t know why, but throwing a bunch of food on a board just makes eating so much more fun. Don’t you agree? If you do, I think you’ll love this waffle brunch board!

mother's day brunch board

Waffles AND food on a board? I mean, how could you not have fun with it?!

Now, I’m going to walk you through how I made this waffle brunch board so you can make your own! This is a great idea for a mother’s day brunch, since everyone can help themselves to what they want.

It’s also really easy to put together, and super customizable. It’s perfect to make for your mom, plus kids can even help. Bonus, some of it can be made ahead of time for easy assembly the day of!

mother's day brunch board

How to make a mother’s day brunch board

Okay, step one. Get a charcuterie board.

Or a cookie sheet in my case since my current board wasn’t big enough. Or a large cutting board, or you can simply lay down some butchers or parchment paper on the table. Use what you have! It’s all good, as long as you have something to put the food on.

mother's day brunch board

Next, we want to gather all our food items together so we can start placing them on the board. When making a brunch board, you want to go with one or two main foods, and then the accompaniments.

Since this is a waffle brunch board, I obviously went with pancakes…just kidding, I went with waffles! I made it super easy on myself and used my favorite boxed waffle mix from Kodiak Cakes. You can also use your favorite mix, or frozen waffles, or a favorite recipe if you want to go homemade.

Then, we choose our accompaniments. I wanted to do a mix of sweet and savory for this brunch board, so for the savory I chose bacon, roasted potatoes, and a mini quiche. The bacon and roasted potatoes I made myself, but again you can totally go pre-made with these to make it even easier! the mini quiche I got from Trader Joe’s and just heated up in the oven.

For the sweet, I already had the waffles, so I also went with fruit, which can be a side or on top of the waffles, and some mini donuts. I also mixed up some chia pudding for the side.

mother's day brunch board

These are the things I chose, but definitely pick the items you (or your mom!) loves! The beautiful thing about making these boards is that they are super customizable to what you like.

In fact, here are some other ideas for a brunch board:

  • mini scones
  • sausages or breakfast patties
  • mini bagels with toppings
  • different types of fruit
  • a soft cheese with crackers and jams
  • croissants
  • frittata
  • scrambled, baked, fried, or hard boiled eggs
  • French toast
  • yogurt and granola
  • ham
  • cinnamon rolls
  • smoked salmon
  • toast
  • veggies with dip

I’m sure there’s more you can think of, but just go with your favorites! Another great thing about a brunch board is that you can make it as big or small as you want. I made this one a little smaller since it was just two of us eating it, but you can definitely expand!

mother's day brunch board

Anyways, now that you’ve picked out your food items- it’s time to assemble! For this, I took a similar approach to how I set up my dessert board a few months ago.

You want to lay down your biggest items first, which for me was the waffles. Since they are the star of the show, I placed them right down the middle from one corner to the opposite corner.

I really like this technique because it makes it clear what the main item is and it gives the board a great symmetry.

Next, we put down our medium items. I like to try to balance them around the board. My medium items were the little triangles of quiche, the roasted potatoes, and the bacon. You can see in the photo below that I placed the quiche in opposite corners, and then filled in around them with the potatoes. I added the bacon in piles to each side of the waffle line.

mother's day brunch board

After the medium items are on the board, it’s time to fill it in with the smaller things! I had little powdered donuts and a bunch of berries I wanted to use. I created two piles of the donuts in the bare spaces by the quiche, and then filled in any remaining spots with strawberries and blackberries.

Using the smallest items last is a great technique, because you can see any bare spots left and just fill them in!

mother's day brunch board

You can also place little bowls of toppings or sauces on the board among the food items if you’d like. I ran out of room so I opted to put them off to the side. Since I layered butcher paper over my whole table, I just added the little bowls right on top of that to catch any spills and make for easy clean up.

I used butter, syrup, jam, and chopped strawberries for my toppings, and added a bowl of chia pudding as well. Other fun ideas might be chocolate chips, coconut, peanut butter, Nutella, apple sauce or apple butter, chocolate syrup, or cinnamon sugar.

Sky’s the limit with these brunch boards!

Okay now, the last step is the MOST important step….

mother's day brunch board

Fill up that plate and get eating!

And there you go, all about how to create a fun mother’s day brunch board! I hope you found this fun and helpful. And are maybe even already planning your own brunch board?!

What would you put on it? Let me know all your ideas down below!

p.s. Scroll down for a printable “recipe” for this waffle brunch board!


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Waffle Brunch Board

A waffle brunch board perfect for Mother's Day or other brunch occasion! A fun combo of sweet and savory items, and super easy to pull together.
Print Recipe
Prep Time:40 minutes


  • waffles homemade, frozen, or from a mix
  • bacon
  • quiche pre-made or homemade
  • assorted berries
  • mini powdered donuts
  • prepared chia pudding


  • chopped strawberries
  • maple syrup
  • jam
  • butter

Roasted Potatoes:

  • 1.5 lbs baby potatoes
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • your favorite seasonings I like garlic powder, onion powder, paprika


  • Prepare the ingredients: waffles, bacon, quiche, cut berries, chia pudding, and potatoes. Most of these can be prepared a day ahead of time and then heated and assembled the next morning.
  • For the roasted potatoes: preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Toss the baby potatoes with the olive oil and your favorite seasonings. Roast in the oven for about 30 minutes until cooked through.
  • Once everything is ready, it's time to assemble. Start with the waffles, and place them corner to corner through the center of your board.
  • Add in the quiche and roasted potatoes to opposite corners. Place the bacon in piles, one on each side of the waffle line.
  • Fill in the larger gaps with the mini donuts, and then fill in remaining gaps with the assorted berries.
  • Place your toppings and chia pudding off to the side.
  • Enjoy!


I like this recipe for the chia pudding: Chia Pudding
Course: Appetizer, Breakfast, Main Course
Keyword: bacon, breakfast, brunch, donuts, easy, main, mother’s day
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  1. Starting my mother’s day brunch tradition back up after a 2 year covid hiatus and this would look beautiful! One question, did you cook the waffles and bacon right before assembling? Wondering if you kept it warm or served room temp. Thanks!

    1. Oh, I love that! I did cook them right before assembling- I didn’t keep them warm, I let them go room temp personally. But if you would like to have warmer bacon and waffles, I would suggest getting all the components of the brunch board ready first (wash and dry your berries, get the donuts out, etc.), and then cook the bacon and waffles. After cooking them, you can keep the bacon and waffles warm in your oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and assemble the rest of the board keeping spaces open for them. Then add the warm bacon and waffles to the board last. You can also keep extras in the warm oven if you would like, to replenish as needed! Hope you enjoy!

  2. 5 stars
    This is such a beautiful brunch board. You have inspired me to get creative and make a delicious, unique gift. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. 5 stars
    I love this board! I need to find a clever way to drop a hint to my guys! But, think it will be perfect for when my family comes to visit next month, too!

  4. These photos are gorgeous and I LOVE this idea for Mother’s Day! I’ll definitely be giving this a go at some point – thanks for sharing x

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