Fall Wreath: DIY Floral Hanging Basket

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This easy and quick DIY floral hanging basket is the perfect fall wreath for your front door!

fall wreath

I honestly don’t know if I can call this a wreath, since it isn’t wreath shaped but who knows! I’m just going with it.

Whatever it might be called, this DIY fall floral hanging basket will be a beautiful addition to your front door!

It doesn’t require many materials- only a hanging basket and your favorite faux fall florals (say that 3 times fast!). It’s also a quick, under 20 minutes project. Read on if you want to know how to make this fall wreath!

Fall Wreath: DIY Floral Hanging Basket

First up, we need a hanging basket and some fall florals. I chose a neutral basket but you can choose any style of basket you want, as long as it will hang!

You can also customize the florals you use. I chose to go with my favorite traditional colors and fall type of florals.

For this fall wreath, I went with dark red, dusty pink, and white faux flowers, plus some green filler leaves. I also chose some purple berries, tan pampas grass, and a pop of bright orange faux flowers.

As you can see in the picture above, I cut the florals to the height that would fit in my basket, and I cut apart some of the larger ones that had a lot of branches- like the green leaves, the orange flowers, and the berries. I do this so I can place the smaller pieces of each floral throughout the arrangement to balance it.

Okay, so next we want to prop our basket up on something so it stays upright and makes it easier to arrange. I had to use my floor space for this project, so I just propped it against my window ledge.

Once it’s upright, place the largest florals in first- for me this was the large piece of the green leaves, the dark red flowers, and the dusty pink flowers. Try to place them so the tallest is in the back, and the other large items are spaced out in the basket.

Here, I placed the leaves in the back, and then a red flower in front of it, and a red flower on the other side of the basket to balance it. Then I added the pink flowers next to the red.

Once we have the large items in the basket, we’ll add the medium sized florals. Again, space them out in the basket to balance the colors and style throughout.

I put my tall purple berries behind the red flower on the right, so it balances with the tall green leaves on the left. Then I put one white rose near the back left, and the other on the front center right. You can see how there is a bit of symmetry going on here.

fall wreath

So far so good! Now we want to put all the pops of color into our basket!

For my fall wreath, I have the orange flowers for pops of color and I want to space them out so they aren’t in a bright orange clump! I broke my flowers up into four pieces, and stuck them into the holes left between the larger flowers. Some are near the front, and some of the taller ones are near the back.

fall wreath

Still with me? Good! The last step is to fill any holes that are left with your smaller filler florals. I had cut apart the berries and the green leaves for smaller pieces, and I had these more delicate tan pampas grasses, so I used all that for my filler.

Wherever there is a hole between florals, use one of the smaller florals to fill it! Paying attention to balance, I used some of the green leaves on the right side and center to balance the leaves on the left. I also placed a small berry twig on the front left for symmetry to the berries in the back right. Then I stuck in the pampas grass nearer to the back since it’s taller. Odd numbers are pleasing to the eye, so I chose three pampas grasses!

fall wreath

And there you have it! A completed fall floral hanging basket!

fall wreath

How pretty! All that’s left to do is hang your new fall wreath on your door and admire your handiwork!

fall wreath

Will you make a hanging fall floral basket of your own? Let me know in the comments if you do! I’d love to know what colors and faux florals you use!


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  1. I love this idea! It’s such a cute and creative take an a typical wreath. Also, it definitely helps that you have such an amazing eye and chose colors and textures that are gorgeous and complement each other so well. I think I’ll be making one of these in the near future. Thanks for the awesome idea.

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