Fall Decor 2019 Apartment Tour

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Simple decor ideas perfect for bringing color and coziness to small spaces. Join me for a tour of my 2019 Fall decor!

Hi Friends! Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve been here before, it’s no secret that I love the seasons, especially the colder ones. In fact, as soon as September hits, even if it’s still 90 degrees outside, I am all about the cozy sweaters, warm food, and Fall colors. I can’t help it, I just want to coz-ify (new word?) everything around me.

There is something about decorating for Fall especially that just makes our apartment so cozy to me. It really feels like home, you know? I love playing up the traditional colors of the season, using warm textures, and of course- fairy lights!

If you’re looking for some Fall inspiration, that works especially well in small spaces, come on in and join me as I walk through our 2019 Fall apartment tour!

Fall Decor 2019

First up, of course, we have the first thing you see…our front door wreath! I had been using the same wreath for a few years and I was honestly a bit bored with it. So for this year, I used the same base, a simple grapevine wreath, and added in accents to reflect the colors I was using in the rest of the apartment. It was so simple, using a hot glue gun, to add a few flowers, some purple leaves, and fun colored berries interwoven with the grapevine!

Inside our apartment, I typically have four “zones” that I like to decorate: Our living room shelves and window, the rest of our living room and space moving into the kitchen, the kitchen, and a few small spaces in our bedroom.

The living room shelves and window are usually my favorite area to decorate, so I’ll share that first. It’s also where I manage to pack the most decor in, since we don’t really need to keep too much functionality here.

On the shelves, I like to create little vignettes in the shelves that alternate with books. This year, I kept to traditional colors, and wove dark green, dark red, and rust orange throughout the individual vignettes.

Window space is sometimes over looked for decorating, but for me is it prime decor real estate! Just look at how much you can pack into one small space without sacrificing functionality. Here, I always hang these flower globes that I made years ago. I love them so much, I keep using them year after year! I also love to position the large amber vase with fairy lights and traditional fall leaves…when those lights come on at night it makes me so happy! We also have our plants here, which adds a little more color to the setup.

We also have a large TV stand in our living room, which ends up being a focal point due to it’s size. Over the years I have been working to make it more decorative, and this year I really like how it turned out. We added some window glazing sheets to the glass so the clutter inside is hidden. I also added a super cute clock, and some outwards facing books to hide wires. On the empty shelf, I placed some easy fall decor- a cute little football turkey, some pumpkins, and more leaves. A matching leaf garland goes along the top to hide the wires under the TV. Easy peasy!

A stack of pumpkins with fairy lights around them completes the cozy scene when sitting on the couch at night!

Speaking of the couch… I know I’ve said this before but, pillows pillows pillows! It is the easiest way to add some fall decor (or any season!) without a lot of effort, money, or space sacrificed. I personally buy pillow covers for each season instead of already stuffed pillows. The covers take less space to store, and you can wash them!

Between our living room and kitchen is the second zone. Here, we have a few little areas that are half functional, half decorative. I usually do little vignettes again in these spaces.

In the first one, we have a little chippy table at the end of our island. It is functional since it holds things for us, and provides a spot for our Alexa. I keep it simple, since it is a very small space. I like to keep our rolling calendar here, my ring holder for when I am cooking or washing dishes, and then a decorative element- in this case the rust orange faux berries.

The second space here is a little cabinet where we keep a lot of our office supplies. We don’t use the top for anything so I love to decorate it! I keep the white arch here most of the time, and for Fall I added some more fairy lights wrapped around. Added a few jewel tone elements- more dark green in the vase, with rust orange pumpkins and Fall leaves. Plus a purple wreath, and a few candle holders to add varying height!

In the kitchen, our third zone, I have two areas I usually decorate. Our kitchen is almost purely functional, rather than decorative, so I take what I can get! I always swap out the kitchen towels of course. Like pillows, they are a super easy and cheap way to add Fall decor to any small area. I also, added a few small wreaths this year, which don’t take away space since they are hanging. I added two of the same on either side of our cabinets, plus a small one over our sink.

The other part of the kitchen I can decorate is the island area. Since this space is used a lot, I keep it simple and easy to move if needed. Here, I just have a gorgeous Fall runner with a leaf pattern, plus our fruit bowl, some tomatoes, and a small basket of napkins. You can see our regular calendar on the other side, adding some Fall flair as well.

Finally, we move into zone four, otherwise known as our bedroom. Now, in our bedroom, I typically only do a little bit of decorating. It is a very small space, taken up with too much stuff! I apply some of the same small space ideas that I use in the other zones…hanging, windows, and pillows! I have two door hangers- a pumpkin one on our bedroom door and a berry wreath on the door to our bathroom.

In the next picture, you can see our bedding is kept pretty neutral, but I added in a cute orange owl to bring some of that Fall color in. Our window is the real MVP of Fall decor here, though! I love to add decor elements to the ledge, which draw your eye to the open and bright window space. This year, I brought in more of that rust orange with the berries and the sign, plus some dark green in the glass pumpkin. The rest I kept neutral, with a clear glass pumpkin and a few leaf printouts that I have been using for years.

And that’s a wrap! Fall is my favorite time to decorate, except for maybe Christmas, so I hope you can see my enthusiasm for it come through in my home tour. As I sit at night with my fairy lights twinkling and colors dancing, I can’t help but feel nice and cozy! I think the lights are my favorite part of the whole thing in fact. Do you have a favorite part of decorating or decor piece that you use every year? Share below, I’d love to hear from you!

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