Cozy Recipes for the Home Baker

Hey, welcome to That Lemonade Life! This little corner of the internet is all about baking up warmth and happiness in your kitchen with cozy recipes for the home baker.

I’m Sarah and I am a self professed cozy enthusiast…and a big part of that is baking! I love baking up allll the treats and sharing them with the world. From brown butter blondies, to sweet rolls of all flavors, to favorite muffin recipes, you’ll find it all here.

I am always trying to bake something new, so I like to experiment with old classics and new favorites to bake up something cozy. So take a look around and let’s get our bake on!

A little about me…

After experiencing chronic illness for most of my life, I’m a big fan of making life as cozy and comfortable as possible!

Baking (and eating baked goods!) has always been a source of comfort for me, so to have a baking blog seemed like a no brainer to me. If I can pass along a little of that comfort to someone else, I consider my job done!

Some random fun facts about me…

  • I love to read, especially cozy mysteries. (p.s. check out our Cozy Mystery Cooking Club!)
  • I LOVE candy, popcorn, and cookies. If I could live off of those three things, well…I would!
  • I have a really terrible sense of humor. I am sarcastic and dry, and I think I am hilarious but I’m pretty sure most other people just wonder what’s wrong with me!
  • I started That Lemonade Life as a blog to talk a bit about chronic illness with a splash of lifestyle content, then transitioned to a cozy living lifestyle blog, (you can still see my lifestyle content under the “lifestyle” category!), and finally have narrowed it down to a baking site!

My Favorite Recipes (if I had to choose!)