7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

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feel cozy

What makes a home feel cozy? I think there are a lot of different answers!

Everybody has their own way of doing cozy, and cozy might mean different things to different people.

For me, there are 7 elements that I always tend to gravitate towards when I’m trying to make my space cozy. With each season of course, decor might be switched out, and placements are adjusted and so forth.

But these 7 elements are ideas that I think can work with any season. It just happens to be fall, which also happens to be a super cozy season!

These 7 elements are easy ways to add some cozy into your home. I love to incorporate some or all of these ideas if possible for each season to make my home as cozy as possible.

And of course, there are intangible things that are cozy, such as family and friends, gathering for a meal, enjoying a fire on a cold night, and a feeling of relaxation while reading a book. I’m sure I could go on!

But today, I’ll stick to these 7 easy ways to make your home feel cozy. Read on below to check them out!


four seasonal bucket lists to enjoy your coziest year ever!


7 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

1. Add Pillows!

Always my number one…add pillows! Add them to your couch, to your floor, to your bed. Here, there, and everywhere!

You can never have too many pillows hanging around in my opinion. And they are awesome to switch out seasonally, or as your style changes. So easy to add cozy and style!

2. Blankets!

A very close second to pillows, is blankets. Get them in seasonal colors, your favorite colors, fun patterns and prints, or to match your existing decor. Throw some throw blankets over your couch, and on your bed.

Drape them over a chair or fold them up in a basket…wherever you want to add a little cozy, add a throw blanket! Blankets are also great for seasons- you can have soft and fluffy for fall and winter, and lighter for warm weather.

3. Candles and Fairy Lights Add Ambiance!

Candles are amazing for creating a cozy feeling in your home! Regular candles, scented candles, or battery operated candles…so many choices to suit your needs.

The flickering and glow of a candle, whichever kind you get, is so soothing and comforting!

Another great, cozy lighting option is fairy lights! I love these things. We have so many strands, and I love stringing them around rooms and setting them to glow at night.

Almost like Christmas lights, they are so glowy and nice and add a soft light wherever you put them.

4. Bring Out Your Books!

A room with books is so cozy! If you love to read, I bet curling up with a good book is something relaxing to you.

And I bet you have some piles of books or bookshelves around! Take a few of your favorites and place a stack nearby.

I love using books for decor because of how cozy they look and you can use them in a lot of ways. Plus, if the mood strikes you, you can pick up your recent favorite, curl up, and read for a bit!

5. Create a Little Nook!

If you have a little corner of free space, creating a little nook for yourself can really add the cozy factor! It can be a reading nook, or a TV watching nook, or whatever you want…anything that feels cozy to you!

I like to add some fluffy pillows and blankets, a chair or seating arrangement if there’s space, a candle or fairy lights and some books to read. So nice to cozy up in!

6. Add Some Wood Elements!

Wood or wood-like colors can be really warming for your space! I love using these earthy tones and some wooden elements when possible in my decor.

In the kitchen, wooden cutting boards or trivets are great for display! Some wood accents- such as in the vase above- can add warmth without overwhelming the rest of your decor.

If wooden furniture is your style, play it up! Let that wooden beauty take center stage. I love mixing warm woods in with other furniture. And white painted wood is great too! I love how cottage cozy white painted wood feels.

7. Keep Some Baked Goods Around!

If you’re like me, with a sweet tooth, then this one is a fun one for you! Baked goods give such a cozy feel to a home.

Whether home baked or store bought, they seem to create a sense of comfort! They smell good, they look good, they taste good…you can place some on a plate and have a snack.

Or keep some out on display in a covered stand or container in the kitchen! Yum!

that wraps up my 7 easy ways to make your home feel cozy!

I hope you got some inspiration for adding cozy elements into your own home.

What things do you do to make your home feel cozy for you? Let me know in the comments below!


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feel cozy

four seasonal bucket lists to enjoy your coziest year ever!


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  1. I never thought about ‘cozy’ being a lifestyle until I looked through your blog. To me, it’s always been a feeling, but why couldn’t that be your lifestyle?! Makes sense in so many ways. I love all of the things that you put on the list. One thing I never considered adding inside the house, just for coziness were fairy lights. It’s such a great idea. I love the lights on the Christmas tree, and that would add the same, soft ambiance. Good tip!


    1. Thank you so much! That’s exactly the feeling I want people to get when they come to my blog! I love Christmas and fairy lights too, they just add so much coziness to a space.

  2. These are such cute and functional ways to make your home feel cosy! I love having a series of blankets on hand to add some cosy vibes to my night.

    I love the idea of having a little nook! Having baked goods on hand is also a good idea. I love when I make cookies, for example, as my home always smells lovely afterwards.

    Thank you for sharing these tips! 😊

  3. These are all good tips!! I especially loved the last one, keeping baked goods around although they wouldn’t last that long in my house. Also wish I had a little nook space for reading and just gazing out the window.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Loren | Plaid and Sugar

  4. You really have created a lovely, cozy home! I love candles and fairy lights to add ambience during the longer evenings and switch out to seasonal aromatherapy during the day. Pillows and cozy blankets are a must! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Very cool! I believe these ideas can be adjusted for any season, so I definitely hope you find some ways to bring your spring cozy in! Such a lovely season. And thank you!

  5. Oh wow!!!!!! I like your ideas of a cozy home. Especially when it comes to creating a nook. But displaying bakeries is not suitable for a Malaysian home. But I still like the idea. It’s because of Malaysia has so many insects. Geez! I hate insects.

    1. Oh gosh- I didn’t think of that! Insects would be a problem in that case. Maybe there is a way to do it in some sort of glass or see through container? Even if not, lots of other ways to bring some cozy into your space luckily. Anything that makes you feel cozy is nice! Thanks for commenting!

  6. These are wonderful ideas to make your home feel cozy! It’s incredible how a pillow, blanket, or a candle can transform your space. I love the idea of adding wood elements! It adds a subtle yet warm touch to a room. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I so love the idea of having a cute little reading nook – so hygge! I don’t really have space for it but I’m definitely going to get lots of pillows & blankets x

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